Jeanne Smith

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Prior to becoming a coach and facilitator, I worked as a development executive within a distinguished array of creative industries and studios, receiving national recognition as both a creator and producer of media and music. My love of collaboration eventually led me to work directly with people through coaching, as well as facilitations and trainings, rather than expending my talents solely on developing and producing content.

Today, in my 1:1 coaching, I take an action-driven approach, reinforced by my belief that ‘movement creates movement’, resulting in powerful shifts for each client.

Additionally, I am a Leadership Strengths Coach and Facilitator, working with new and established leaders throughout the world, helping them to identify their Strengths and put those to use every day. It is a privilege to connect with these respected leaders, supporting them in leveraging their unique Strengths to become expansive with what’s possible when they are present in their genuine brilliance. Some of my corporate clients include: 

Facebook • Cisco • Deloitte • Intel • Accenture • EY • Box • Levi’s • Mercedes Benz • EMC • Instagram

Hilton • AECOM • Survey Monkey • XPrize • Capital One • Wells Fargo

 With the increasing demands on time, and the accelerating expectations on the job, I help my clients create space for wisdom, purpose, precedence and energized success!