Jeni Croxford

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Attachment-informed Management Consultant and Leadership Coach

Over the last 27 years, throughout my management and dental career, I have always been interested in the psychological aspects of leadership and management in the workplace.

Combining the work of Dr. John Bowlby (on the development and quality of human relationships); several years of coaching and training with an attachment-informed leadership specialist; and my 27 years of experience in the dental industry (most of that time in management and leadership roles), I am now offering leadership coaching, specializing in senior dental professionals. 

I have a particular interest in working with mid-career women leaders (including those expressing an interest in enhancing their ability to navigate the distinctive emotional and cognitive aspects of the peri-menopause.

Attachment is the science of relationships. In an attachment-informed approach to developing effective leaders, the work starts on ensuring that the leader (e.g., the owners/partners of dental practices as people) is as ‘attachment secure’ as possible (‘self-leadership’). Work can then move on to developing their capacity for ‘leading others’.

The type of client where my approach to management and leadership is likely to make the most difference is working with owners of already successful medium-sized to large dental practices, or senior leaders in related organizations.

Other Affiliations: Association for Coaching; Henley Centre for Coaching (Henley Business School); International Attachment Network; International Leadership Association; American Association of Dental Management