Josie McLean

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As the Principal Coach/Consultant and founder of The Partnership, Josie McLean is passionate about cultivating the conditions for a profound change in organisational cultures that sustain people to deliver better outcomes for their communities and the natural environment.

She works with executives and their people enabling them to transform themselves as a pathway to transforming their organisations to form life sustaining enterprises. Josie consults with and coaches those executives leading major organisational cultural change initiatives. She has successfully delivered combinations of leadership programs and unique adaptive interventions to cultivate the conditions for profound change and cultural evolution within organisations.

Josie is currently completing her doctoral thesis entitled "Embedding sustainability into organisational DNA: a story of complexity" which she will submit by the end of 2016. Through this research Josie has also become interested in the notion of systemically coaching an entire organisation (as a whole entity). She takes a 'complexity' view on coaching and organisational transformaiton and would love to connect with others who are also interested in this idea.

Josie is also acknowledged as one of the founders of the professional coaching industry in Australia and was recognised for her contribution with the ICF President's Award in 2009. Prior to commencing her own consulting/ coaching firm in 1999, her background included experience from a diverse working background encompassing strategic planning in the automotive and finance sectors, credit analysis in a merchant bank as well as operation of a finance company branch and business advisor.