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Hello, world!

I'm Joia. I'm an entrepreneur, coach, writer, and speaker.

I’m passionate about supporting Founders and Innovators, the world's visionaries, problem solvers and change makers. I challenge, inspire, and support them in becoming empowered leaders. My background and expertise is in client-directed Transformational Coaching and Leadership Development. 

What does it take to be a successful leader?

While there are many differing models and philosophies of leadership, they generally converge around certain key actions, skills, and attributes:

★ Holding a Vision
★ Influencing and Persuading Others
★ Taking Up Responsibility / Ownership for Results
★ Exercising Sound Judgment & Decision Making
★ Understanding Human Motivation / Empathy
★ Powerful Communication
★ Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation
★ Living Up to Core Values & Serving as a Role Model

Ambitious entrepreneurs come to me because they're committed to reaching the next level of success. I work with THEIR vision and agenda, challenging their thinking and providing the provocative questioning, proven tools, and accountability they need to grow, develop, and reach their goals as powerful leaders.  (Check out Human Possibilities Coaching. For entrepreneurial insights and inspiration - watch/listen to the new Founders & Innovators Morning Show, here on LinkedIn, YouTube and wherever you listen to podcasts) 

My own mission revolves around creativity/innovation and happiness. I truly believe everybody can and ought to be pursuing multidisciplinary excellence and living a Creator's Life - it's the necessary (but not often enough stressed!) aspect of achieving the full spectrum of happiness and fulfillment. (Check out my podcast "Seeing I to I", the show about Innovation & Integration, plus my work on the 21st Century Renaissance Human Project).

In addition to coaching entrepreneurs around leadership, I'm an advocate for transformational travel, the practice of intentionally traveling to stretch, learn and grow into new ways of being and engaging with the world.

Please check out my work and get involved at www.humanpossibilities.pro -- or consider applying for a spot for my 1:1 coaching.