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My chosen niche is  working with women leaders in the world of medicine.  By creating pathways to empower women healthcare leaders, I believe we expand the space of healthcare to embrace both the business of healthcare and patient care. By assisting individuals to welcome pivotal moments in their life and career, they expand what is possible and FURTHER embrace their most fully realized and expanded SELVES. This, in turn, invites greater perspective and innovation for the entire SYSTEM.

Brain-based Coaching is a methodology that has advanced in the scientific study of the brain and nervous system. THIS  approach accelerates change, and complements the practice of coaching to bring about lasting results THROUGH enhanced learning.

A conversation THAT USES THIS STATE-OF-THE-ART SCIENTIFIC AND EVIDENCE-BASED FOCUS helps to raise a client’s awareness of the need for change, and also  helps one shift away from old patterns, behaviors and thinking to replace them with new, more empowering ones. 

I work with this framework along with EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and other PROVEN approaches in my toolkit to customize a coaching plan that CREATES GENUINE TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE,  and the CONFIDENCE  to lead and influence in BE in one's highest self.  Resilience, flexibility, empathy, independence, self regard are all aspects of emotional intelligence that healthcare professionals need to be fluent in in order to succeed as leaders. These are essential elements of a fulfilled and best practice healthcare leader.

I inspire, challenge and expand hearts and minds of  healthcare leaders, as well as corporate leaders.  The journey of my coaching reaches into leadership teams to improve team collaboration, communication and overall personal development.

It is always an honor to witness the empowerment of clients as they take on the full realization of their impact and influence. In a world where flexibility and growth are critical to success, opening up to one's humility, strength and courage to embrace change is a way to ignite the path forward.