Kazuo Noda

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Kazuo Noda is the founder and president of INNER PEACE AND PEAK PERFORMANCE a consulting company working with athletes, musicians and business professionals around the world seeking to improve their job or athletic performance and reach their full potential as top performers in their chosen field.

Born in Kyoto, Japan, Kazuo founded and managed several successful technology companies in Japan before moving to the United States and continuing a 15-year consultation career during which time he has given over 7,000 consultations to clients in various professions.

Drawing on his Buddhist background Kazuo helps his clients develop the skills needed to stay calm and in the ‘moment’ while they are at work or on the playing field. Kazuo believes that performers who can accomplish these things will perform better and be more likely to get into the zone of ‘peak performance’ all of them are striving for.

Kazuo’s clients include golf touring professionals, business executives and performing artists as well as individuals simply looking to improve their mental focus and enjoyment of daily life.