Lisa Orlick

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I am independent executive coach and writer, specializing in leadership development, career transition and strategic planning. I have spent my career in the private and non-profit sectors, working with people to be more effective and to develop an inspired vision of the future. I have a special interest in coaching individuals seeking to improve their leadership presence and I focus on professional and personal development to expand their possibilities in work and life. My expertise is in assisting leaders to understand and drive the process of change while building their own inner capacity and resilience. I work with both emerging and senior leaders who are striving for excellence in their organization and want a thought partner as they move into new roles. My clients include family offices. My signature approach employs best practices of creative learning by embracing emotional intelligence, design thinking and systemic team development. My services include emotional intelligence assessments, designing strategies with achievable direction and outcomes, concentrating on developing sustainable practices, focused learning and deep listening. I am a volunteer for the Humanitarian Coaching Network and I am training to participate in the Enneagram Prison Project.