Lynnette Stevenson-Rumble

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Lynnette Rumble has an enthusiasm for life that is infectious.  Her personal commitment to living big is the guiding light for the powerful impact she brings to her work as a professional life coach.   A mother of four children and a successful business woman, she knows the difference between dreaming and intentionally going after what you want!

In 1991 Lynnette graduated with honors from Ryerson University with degrees in both Social Work and Public Administration.   After a year of international travel, Lynnette returned to Canada to serve in the public sector domain of child welfare.  Following an impactful career with York Region Children’s Aid Society, both as a front-line social worker and manager of a team of social workers, Lynnette was recruited to pioneer with a young company, The CEO Group.

And so, in March 1996, Lynnette joined this home based business, The CEO Group.   Developing her skills in corporate sales and client driven product development, Lynnette discovered her passion for creativity and thinking “outside the box”.   The CEO Group went on to become the premier provider of Hi-tech Staffing Solutions across North America and Europe and by 2001 employed over 70 people and generated over 12 M in revenue.  It was this taste of the entrepreneurial spirit that Lynnette both witnessed and contributed to, that feeds her own professional drive today. 

Lynnette is a professional life coach trained by the world renowned Coaches Training Institute (CTI) and in 2008, she founded Always In Motion Coaching Services (AIM Coaching).  To date AIM Coaching has served a wide range of clients including, athletes, authors, business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, musicians and, people in transition. 

AIM Coaching’s signature Zillion Series engages adults on a personal growth experience of a life-time. Out-of-the-ordinary adventure activities are followed by intense group coaching to create powerful insight and personal discovery opportunities.  This program reflects Lynnette’s belief that physiology and mental/emotional health are intensely related and when we are pushed to  extremes, we have limitless capacity for learning and growth.

Lynnette collaborated with former professional hockey player and coach, Bob Wilkie, to develop Success Strategies. This series of unique personal growth sessions engages youth via music, multi-media and interactive exercises to explore their leadership potential and create road maps and action plans for ongoing life success.  This youth program has been successfully delivered to over 500 high potential athletes across Canada and the USA and Lynnette is excited to be returning to her Child Welfare roots and delivering this program to young adults beginning the transition from Foster Care to independent living.

Whether sharing time with her family, facilitating a group or engaged with a client one-on-one, you can count on Lynnette to show up ready to be with you where you are and compel you to live the life you really want to live.