Mario G. Vingerhoets P.

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My commitment is to accompany individuals and organizations through learning process that enables them to raise their self-awareness, wellbeing and sustainability. As an open minded ontological life coach, with a holistic and energy view of human beings, I welcome different approaches and techniques to serve my clients.



Academic background : 

Ontological Coach    /  O. C. with Advanced Skills    /  Transpersonal Ontological Coach  /   FICOP member 0910  - Escuela Asersentido (Lima- Peru/ Santiago- Chile).  certified by FICOP (Int. Ontological Coaches Federation)  /   Ontological Life Coach  - Institute for Practice of Ontology (Peru). Directed by Alexander Berlonghi and Cesar Farías    Bachelor in B.A. Marketing - Consumer Behavior - UCL - Université Catholique de Louvain (Belgium)    /  Healing the Body of Light Master -  Los Cuatro Caminos (Chile), Shamanic Healing and Energy Medicine, directed by Alberto Villoldo PhD. and Marcela Lobos. /  Mindfulness Stress Management Techniques / Reiki Levels I, II, III. / Scenic Clown Techniques  - Runawasi / La Vecindad / Rabiya Saito (Peru),  Elizabeth Lira:  Alternative and complementary health therapies association and professionals.

Coaching Experience: Individual Life Coaching, Corporative Coaching and organization consultant. Volunteer coaching for Peruvian State prisons, District Communities, Cancer patients. Transpersonal and energetic coaching. Other Professional Experience: Marketing and communications consultant, teacher at USMP University