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I am an Executive Coach; CEO of LeanMail, a suite of productivity solutions for email, meetings and projects; and Partner, CEO of Atrendia, a consultancy firm working with medium to large organizations bringing about dynamic improvements in productivity for knowledge workers through innovation and the facilitation of change. I have diverse experience in various management roles involving many kinds of people and cultures. My experience as an entrepreneur spans over 25 years. 

As an Executive Coach, I provide skills and tools to those committed to personal and professional excellence. I am a pragmatist focusing on work/life goals and a 360 degree mindset.  My clients — the majority of whom I have been collaborating with for years — meet with me on a weekly basis.  I am a student of Lean thinking, Drucker, Covey, Bradshaw, Peck, Dyer, Kotter, Csikszentmihalyi and many other prominent thought leaders.

I have also trained first-year MBA students at IESE in a program called ScaleYOU, which has the objective of helping these students manage their time usage better, reduce stress and lead more efficient and effective lives.

Atrendia has partnered with over two hundred organizations, including six Fortune 100 companies in order to increase their focus on profitability, lower stress and waste reduction in the area of internal collaborative communications including: meetings, messaging/e-mail management and policy making as well as - and most importantly - change management.