Michelle Alfandari

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Michelle Alfandari is an executive and organizational coach and founder of Retimement, LLC (Retimement .com). Retimement® is creating one’s optimal lifestyle by allocating and integrating time for earning, living and having fun. Retiming is dynamic and transitions with life stages and events; and puts the notion of traditional retirement to rest. Michelle specializes in Retimement coaching which focuses on maximizing alignment of the individual’s lifestyle goals with the organization’s structure and strategic goals. Tailored to today’s workplace dynamic and challenges of attracting and retaining top talent, Retimement is a win-win for the individual and organization. Prior to Retimement and coaching, Michelle founded and is President and CEO of MODA Licensing, Inc. a full service licensing agency. She has worked with major global corporations and non-profits for over 26 years building new businesses from licensing their intellectual property and intangible assets (modalicensing.com). She is now shifting her focus to the greatest asset of all, people. She is a member of several intellectual property related organizations, a contributor to licensing trade journals, publications and a licensing book. She has been a speaker at Licensing International Expo, CLE (Continuing Law Education), Luxury Marketing Council and Cause marketing Forum.