Miriam Meima

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Miriam Meima is a highly sought-after coach and facilitator.  She is widely regarded as an expert in Leadership and Culture Development.  She has advised, consulted and coached for companies headquartered in all regions of the world. Her client list includes executives from: jetBlue, Apple, Slack, Twitter, Nintendo of America, LinkedIn and many other name brands. She has also served as an internal Chief Development Officer and understands culture & leadership development from every angle. Her work blends left-brain research and right-brain creativity to create innovative leadership strategies unique to each individual.  

Miriam’s degrees are in Business, Psychology and  Organization & Management Development. Her certificates include Leadership & Transformation Coach, Conscious Living & Loving Coach, Organizational Culture Consultant and Leadership Development Consultant.  She is an International Coaching Federation, MCC (Master Certified Coach).

You can contact her directly via 2MLeaders.com