Murali Krishna Jayaprakash

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I am a Co-Active Coach® and PQ Coach.

I have 2 decades of working in multiple multinational environments, especially the last decade, which was on Oil rigs.

Oil rig is a unique workplace, it is a place where one can find differing cultures - over 20 nationalities packed in that small metal platform, working & living there -working for a common goal,; but still steeped in each one's native/ home land energies because of the short work- leave schedule of the industry. It is a petri dish to observe Humanity, especially as it is a high risk &d High pressure work place.

The seed  to become a professional coach was laid by a Question at a Voice Coach workshop in 2018. In March 2020, when COVID struck, I took it as a signal to enter professional Coaching with a full heart.

My interests have always anchored around the 'Human Element' of any situation, be it in my industry or across different sectors that I read up, the myriad ways Humans strive for Goodness always inspired me.  I owe a lot to my Voice trainer , mere thought of her brings immense sense of gratitude . I guess that is the best gift of a Teacher or even a Coach, to kindle a transformation. 

The ' Fulfillment' I feel when few clients express how they are being helped, is immensely rewarding.

It is hard for me to box my Niche into a box, for one , I see same need in a 20+ college graduate to 65+ Vice Principal to middle aged businessmen who currently comprise my Clientele . All seek Clarity and often it is due to a moment of Change they embarked upon, to excel to get to Great from Good or at times Change is thrust upon them and they seek Clarity to move forward. I am humbled that I am able to serve this range currently.

At present I am gearing myself to be an effective Coach to personnel in Healthcare .

Here at IOC, this is a place where Time slows down for Coaches - probably due to immense gravity posed by many wonderful peers, where they share and are open to learning;  This is where I grow based on sound science based research information