Reyné O'Shaughnessy

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Summary: Experienced Commercial Pilot with a demonstrated history of working in the package/freight delivery industry. Thirty three year of skilled heavy jet commercial piloting, commercial aviation leadership, team building, public speaking regarding heath and wellness focusing on anxiety and depression in aviation, including Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. Strong operations professional with a Bachelor of Science - BS focused in Leadership from Duquesne University Sum Cum Laude. 

As an airline pilot Captain, I have had the incredible opportunity to live my dream job for 34 years. I’m currently an active pilot and without hesitation can share that the role of an airline pilot is considered one of the most highly-driven, high-pressure careers out there. I’ve watched colleagues in my industry who were not able to avoid an emotional breakdown due to internal and external pressures. Sadly they didn’t have the tools to “pull up” and “fly out of it” before they crashed emotionally - some without recovery.  

I’ve been studying and practicing mindfulness and related wisdom teachings for over a decade and I’ve decided to apply the leadership skills that I needed as a pilot to to help other in high pressure jobs like mine.  As a speaker and an soon-to-be published author, I now get to bring my entire skill set and passion for mindfulness into the workplace. As a coach I explore the possibilities of human potential, helping high-achievers in high pressure careers become the very best version of themselves by changing from the inside out.

Ultimately, the intention is to build these practices and consciousness into the very fabric of themselves and/or organizations that they work for – how they develop products, how they sell, how they serve – in a way that serves the individual as well as their organization. My leadership lens and mindfulness practices help me scale the work that I can do for you.