Ricky Padgett

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My coaching approach focuses on improving leaders' performance and strengthening the connection between the leaders' goals and those of their organizations. I work to discover, clarify, and align with what leaders want to achieve, encourage self-discovery, elicit leader-generated possibilities and solutions, and provide a framework for accountability for leaders as they move their work forward. My approach is collaborative and customized to the individual client, group, or team- entirely based on their specific needs. I have tools that I employ with clients, such as goal evolution, informational interviewing, and use of self, and I leverage presence and mindfulness to fully explore, understand, and empathize with clients' intentions. Coaching is built on a solid coach-client relationship, where trust is critical to success. To build trust, I present in my naturally friendly and disarming style, and make others feel comfortable and safe, which I find reduces obstacles to being open and trusting.