Roxanne Tervola

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I began my nursing career in Seattle Washington at Harborview Medical Center in Orthopaedics and then transitioned into Intensive Care Nursing at Virginia Mason Medical Center. Both of these were teaching hospitals.  I spent close to 15 years of my nursing career working in the Critical Care Unit.  In addition to nursing, I spent close to a decade as an office manager for a medical practice in the field of radiology.  
In 2016, I decided to expand on my academic background and completed my RN-BSN degree at Penn State University (World Campus).  I also completed my Associate's Degree in Business Administration at University of Wisconsin-Platteville (online).  
The field of coaching became of interest when I learned about Holistic Health. I became a Board Certified Nurse Coach after completing the Nurse Coach Collective.  I learned about additional modalities for health promotion and health restoration.  I wanted to continue with more coaching training as I became more and more intrigued by how expansive coaching can be in various industries and within each individual's personal life.  I became a Certified Personal & Executive Coach through the CAPP Institute (Coaching & Applied Positive Psychology Institute).