Sandra Martinez

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Sandra M. Martínez, Ph.D., is the Founder and President of Fénix Leadership & Development, offering executing coaching to individuals and teams, as well as consulting to organizations to help catalyze development, transformation and innovation.  Sandra draws on her experience in the arts, science, and business to design and delivery leadership development programs and customized workshops and programs to meet clients’ needs.  Sandra holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration and a Master’s Degree with Distinction in International Management and Ibero- American Studies.  She received her Professional Certified Coach (PCC) accreditation from the International Coaching Federation.  

When working as an instructor at the Wharton School, Sandra contributed as a research associate to the GLOBE project which compared leadership across 67 societies.  She supported scenario planning processes as a member of the Decision Strategies International team, a boutique firm associated with the Wharton School.  As the Transformation Chair at the US Army War College, she integrated an understanding of complexity (Complex Adaptive Systems) with adult stage development to design programs for national and international senior security leaders.  After serving on the faculty of the US Army War College, she remained active with the International Transformation Chairs Network to invigorate the education and development of security leaders globally.  In 2009-12 she lived in Central America, supporting regional family businesses and working to develop entrepreneurs and other groups active in civil society.  She now resides in the D.C. area.  

Sandra is a recognized as an innovator in adapting the principles of vertical development for leadership development and has presented and published broadly on this topic.   A framework melding complex adaptive systems and vertical development supports leaders in building more resilience and a greater capacity for innovation to meet the challenge of today’s environment of uncertainty and turbulence.   

During the past 12 years, Sandra has successfully coached a broad range of leaders globally from Fortune 500 executives to national security leaders to senior leaders in healthcare, life sciences, tech, finance, education, as well as grassroots organizers dedicated to leading change in their communities.  Leaders and organizations in science-based industries such as the life sciences and healthcare respond to the evidence-based models and frameworks Sandra draws from.  Sandra enjoys working with individuals and teams in the tech industry.  She continues to work with leaders in national security and non-profits.  Sandra supports leaders in exploring their values and life purpose to help improve performance in the shorter term and to enhance their development and effectiveness for the long term. 

At Fénix Leadership & Development we are multidisciplinary, science-based and inclusive in our approach. We bridge research and practice drawing from recent advances in understanding of adult development and change.  Some of the services we offer:   Executive coaching, Scenario Planning, assessments of leadership development and organizational inclusion and diversity, OD initiatives to foster inclusive and diverse organizations, workshops, as well as customized programs to address specific goals of individual teams and organizations.