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Bio of Steven J. Lucks Jan 2024

Dr. Steven Lucks is a Certified Nutrition Scientist.  He has an extensive background in project management, business development, and strategic planning. Steven is a Lifestyle Medicine Health and Well-being Practitioner, with a passion for working with a team of healthcare professionals who treat and reverse disease with lifestyle change and educate people to know more, heal more, and live more. With serval years of success across eLearning, health wellness & fitness, and aerospace & defense industries, Steven serves as Chief Science Officer with Until The Whole World Hears LLC. He is currently working with a Harvard team to slow down the aging process and do away with chronic diseases. As Chief Science Officer, he is responsible for offering exceptionally effective nutritional products, a simple and profitable business opportunity, and the chance to change lives and provide hope to people worldwide. Steven helps clients stake their claim through entrepreneurship, investment, distribution, and information to change their existing business or status. Before joining Until The Whole World Hears LLC, Steven was the Principal and IT Consultant with Technology Consulting. During his time with Technology Consulting, he independently managed the business operations and client engagements of a private, professional services firm specializing in IT consulting. Along with his professional career, Steven is a Board-Certified Health and Well-Being Practitioner, recognized by the American Medical Association and universities like the University of New Mexico and California State University-Long Beach. He also spends time volunteering for Employer Support of the Guard & Reserve. Steven graduated with a Masters in Organizational Management from the University of Phoenix and a Bachelor of Arts in Computer Science, Psychology, and Political Science from Washington State University. He also received certification as Health Coach from California State University-Long Beach and a certificate degree in Nutrition, Whole Food Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell University. Steven is a Board Certified Lifestyle Medicine Health and Well-being Practitioner and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.