Tammie Maloy

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As a certified Executive Coach, I help leaders connect their teams with purpose, potential, and impact to increase engagement, motivation, and cohesiveness, resulting in the vibrant work cultures and experiences that attract and retain top talent so that people – and the business – can thrive together as they move forward. Organizations, and the world, need 21st century leaders who are equipped to lead with authenticity, purpose, confidence, and the trust-based influence that increases the emotional agility, creativity, and innovation that today’s teams and organizations need to thrive.

As the Founder and CEO of Human Leadership Designs LLC, I am committed to helping leaders and organizations create better work experiences and outcomes. Our work experiences create a ripple effect in terms of stress, health, well-being, overall satisfaction, and happiness. Those ripples translate into success (or lack) for individual employees, leaders, the organization, business partners, customers, and professional/personal relationships.

As a trusted thinking partner and sounding board to leaders in organizations ranging in size from startups to Fortune 500 for 25 years, my passion is helping leaders achieve their vision and goals while balancing leading people with meeting business objectives. Having served in progressive leadership roles throughout my career, I know exactly what it’s like trying to connect teams with mission, purpose, and impact while wearing the multiple hats of Chief Visionary, Strategist, Inspirational Leader, Director, Conflict Mediator, Communicator, and Coach that every leader must wear.