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Dr. Teri Baydar is a Leadership Development Consultant & Peak Performance Coach. She trains and coaches high level executives and high performance individuals to find, understand and develop their core character strengths and leadership style in alignment with their purpose. People who work with Dr. Teri learn how to become more calm under stress, self aware, confident, authentic, impactful, powerful, and emotionally intelligent. Their ability to engage and lead others increases exponentially due to their ability to manage, and inspire new behaviors in their teams that foster employee engagement, passion, high performance, innovation, and creative solutions.  She has supported and guided her clients through IPO’s, startup, scaling, company sell off, mergers, and cultural and strategic pivots.

Dr.Teri has worked with senior and emerging leaders at organizations including CWE, Hult Business School, Housing Partnership Network, Boston Consulting Group, American Academy of Arts and Sciences, Harvard, IFF, GE, Global Partners LP, LVMH, Rapid7, Topos Labs Enterome Bioscience, Dellbrook JKS, Pfizer, and the SEC.

Dr. Teri trained at the Coach Training Institute, has an MBA with accrued training in authentic leadership, managing complexity, and behavioral economics. She also earned a doctorate in the Science of Mind. She worked 7 years with a research institute/Think Tank specializing in studying the unconscious mind and its influence on behavior modification.  This hands-on work in social engineering for a foreign government organization enabled her to develop her specific high-impact method of behavioral change. She has 15+ years experience in behavior research and leadership development. She was international co-ordinator for PwC Paris office business development team serving 120+ partners.  Teaches meditation and occasionally walks on fire.

Evolve & Create a Revolution.  Corporate programs created to provide behavior change, critical mass and traction in employee performance and engagement.

    Menu of Services:

        C-Suite : Transformative Intensive Coaching     

        Teams : Peak Performance Coaching

        Emerging Leaders : Leadership Development

        Individual Coaching : Peak Performance Coaching

Dr. Teri Baydar    |    teri@whitelilycoaching.com     |    (781) 244 - 8393

Transformative Intensive Coaching for Executive Officers

This is A FULL YEAR of Peak Performance Coaching with 2, 8-hour days of on-site coaching per month with complimentary free-form availability in-between shadow days, contributing to over 192 hours of your personalized coaching. Dr. Teri is devoted to helping you scale yourself in order to scale your company and career. This 'no holds barred' Peak Performance Coaching will take you to another level of seeing, living, working, knowing and doing.

If you’re motivated and open to looking within in order to become the self-actualized leader you are meant to be, this program is for you. There are no preset exercises or rules, Dr. Teri customizes your program to meet your needs and goals in real time.

First Dr. Teri supports you in getting to know yourself more intimately to understand how your behaviors, values, and beliefs impact you and your workplace. Next, Dr. Teri works with you to create strategies, objectives and exercises to optimize your performance and the manner in which you navigate both short-term and long-term goals to meet the demands of your career and company.

New ways of doing business and complex business systems demand new ways of thinking and leading. The method that Dr. Teri has developed over 15 years of high level coaching, will prepare and train you for a paradigm shift in your ability to handle complex situations and complex human behaviors in your teams and yourself.

“Dr. Teri has become an invaluable resource to me both personally and professionally. She is masterful at coaching me through the many challenges I face as a technology entrepreneur. Her warmth, intuition, intelligence and sense of humor make each session a joy, and her uplifting guidance has made a truly profound impact in my life. If you are looking to achieve breakthroughs or take your game to a new level, I highly recommend Dr. Teri.” - CEO, Topos Labs

Proven Results:

  • increased mental agility
  • mental and emotional resiliency
  • honest self awareness & discipline
  • emergence of creative 3rd way solutions
  • remaining true in periods of heightened stress

Peak Performance Coaching for Teams (On-Site)

This eight month process includes 2 days of on-site coaching per month (convenient office hours and group facilitation for up to 10 employees per team) at your company for the team of your choice to support cultural and strategic alignment of values and outcomes.  Optional consultations in the interim are available. This program offers over 128 hours of personalized coaching.

Dr. Teri coaches each individual in a holistic fashion to support their development towards showcasing their best selves in the workplace. This investment in a work team promotes a synergistic effect, resulting in exponential performance improvement in the (leadership) team, centered on the culture, strategy and mission of the company. 

Momentum develops as individuals each experience similar evolutionary shifts in their leadership development styles together through collaborative and personalized coaching. Through this program your employees gain insight to incorporate the company strategy and culture into their everyday work practices, adding cohesion and effectiveness to the team.

“I have been working with Dr Teri for almost 2 years, and I have really appreciated on a daily basis the impact of her coaching on my role and leadership in my company. A big Merci Dr Teri!” 

- VP U.S. Operations, Enterome Bioscience

Proven Results:

  • increased team cooperation and effectiveness
  • real innovative thinking for creative problem solving and strategic implementation
  • investment made in team generates greater buy-in to the company and respective roles
  • heightened emotional intelligence, empathy, and communication
  • resiliency during periods of high stress

Leadership Development for Emerging Leaders

Are you interested in becoming a high performing, innovative leader? Do you have a strong desire to have a positive impact in the world? Are you open minded and desirous to change and grow the way you live, work, and lead? 

This coaching format consists of one three-hour workshop followed by (bi)monthly Leader’s Circle discussion group. This recurring approach through thoughtfully crafted facilitation by Dr. Teri supports the integration and re-integration over the long-term - practice, reflect, discuss, practice. 

Your success and value in a leadership capacity is intrinsically linked to how you invest in your leadership development. In the workshop, you will learn the two fundamental types of leadership development that will determine your leadership style and level of success through self-reflection and feedback. Next, Dr. Teri facilitates discussion groups for consistent encouragement and “course-correcting” as you chart out your style of leadership through a willingness to consistently learn and evolve.

Dr. Teri is a wealth of knowledge, possessing tools and exercises, and can direct you to relevant and timely resources. This hands-on instruction ensures you are able to optimize your success and growth throughout this program.

“Dr. Teri Baydar is an incredible life coach and professional advisor. I have been working with her for over two years now. In this time, I have leveled up multiple times in every aspect of my life. Her gentle and patient coaching has successfully seen me through job transitions, a marriage, purchasing my first home and more. She is a true visionary and has become an invaluable resource for my growth and personal development. Her techniques are simple but incredibly impactful. I could not recommend her more highly!” - Category Marketing Manager, Global Partners LP

Proven Results:

  • establishes a foundation for long-term success
  • integration of positive patterns of behavior, learning, and achieving goals
  • expedited self-actualization
  • increased self-confidence and empathy
  • elevated critical thinking, time-management, and accountability

Individual Coaching

Dr. Teri provides one-on-one executive/leadership coaching. $200/hr