Todd Payne

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Todd Payne, founder of KonnectFully, is a Life Coach and Spiritual Director with more than 25 years of experience facilitating intentional transformation for individuals and organizations. He specializes in teaching and applying the ancient-and-modern Enneagram to increase awareness and empower positive change.  Todd helps individuals to realize a fulfilling, authentic life with a sense of purpose by guiding clients in clarifying their vision, keeping them focused, holding them accountable, and encouraging them as they engage in intentional transformation.  Informed by the latest in neuroscience, behavioral science, as well as the science of coaching, and with the deeply spiritual Enneagram as a roadmap, Todd empowers his clients to expand empathy for themselves and others, boost communication skills, deepen relationships, and grow happier.   

In his decades of experience in counseling, coaching, psychology, and theology and leading service organizations, Todd has always strived to truly connect with those he worked with and worked for, while helping them find ways for them to connect with themselves and with one another.

Todd founded KonnectFully with the belief that Enneagram work gives us the insight, direction, and tools to reconnect to one another and to ourselves.  His mission in founding KonnectFully is to give people the practical tools to have happier relationships and live more satisfying lives. By growing awareness, understanding, and compassion around your unique gifts and needs, and in discovering your personalized path for growth, you, too, can experience greater contentment, connection, and purpose.

Todd is also excited to currently serve as Vice-President of the Board of Directors for the International Enneagram Association, Colorado Chapter.  Todd is also a die-hard San Francisco Giants fan, and he watches the games from his home in enemy territory in metro Denver, Colorado with his wife and three children.