Tracy Cocivera

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As an Executive Leader & Organizational Psychologist, Tracy is known for exceptional insights into human behavior, designing and delivering innovative talent solutions, producing outstanding impact, and driving sustainable organizational transformation. She partners with senior executives to help them to gain organizational insights, make effective decisions, and take calculated risks to move organizations forward. 

Tracy is an insightful and innovative Practice Leader who strategically creates leadership development and talent management solutions for senior executives to achieve lasting business results. She has over 20 years of global experience as an Executive Coach, Team Expert, and Business Leader. Tracy has a passion for understanding the complexity of human dynamics, and helps executives to better understand these dynamics and become more influential and impactful leaders.  She has had a profound impact on the success of countless senior executives and their teams, across diverse sectors.  Known for her challenging yet supportive approach to sustainable behavioural change, Tracy engages executives to drive business success by applying her expertise in executive development and research on the art of power and influence.