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Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference
09/16/16 to 09/17/16
This world-class event offered by Harvard Medical School, the Institute of Coaching, and McLean Hospital, features energizing keynotes by thought leaders in coaching and positive psychology, leadership, health and well-being, behavioral psychology, and neuroscience.

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Featured MasterClass

Coaching Abrasive Leaders
Executive coach Dr. Laura Crawshaw—known as the "Boss Whisperer" for her work in this field—shares her discoveries on how to tame the deep fears that drive abrasive managers to attack their coworkers.

Resource Spotlight

Suzi Skinner has coached and facilitated at executive and board level in a range of leading organisations for over a decade. She recently presented the IOC webinar A Leader Identity Approach to Leadership on May 24. 


Authored by the IOC and our Fellows, articles on a variety of coaching topics give you the expertise you need to excel as a coach.


Read about coaching, mentoring, positive psychology and leadership from four leading journals. 


Videos and webinars spanning a wide range of topics for more in-depth learning.


In our CoachX podcasts IOC Fellows share their expertise on a particular topic with members.

Latest Blog Posts:

Right Tips When Things Go Wrong

Leading in so-called VUCA times – volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous – is like trying to navigate through a sandstorm. Many executives have honed skills that were suitable for a very different environment, but everything is changing, and what worked for navigating, say, the ocean...

Carol Kauffman
June 02, 2016
How Your Leadership Has to Change as Your Startup Scales

When it comes to new tricks, sometimes new dogs are just as hard to teach as old ones. At least, that was what went through my mind as I sat in on a recent senior team meeting at a fast-growing, two-year-old e-commerce company. I winced when Daniel, the 32-year-old CEO, said, “Come on, guys, I...

Jeffrey Hull
May 26, 2016
Thinking Errors and the Coaching Process: How to Help Your Leaders Make Better Decisions

Thinking errors are a common occurrence but for many, they may be an unknown concept. Simply stated, thinking errors occur when we have some error in our thinking. Typically, thinking errors are used as a way to delude or convince ourselves of something that is the way we want it to be. We tell...

Christy Pearson
May 11, 2016