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2016 Conference Talk: Overturning our Immunities to Change for Optimal Health

Deborah Helsing presents on "Overturning our Immunities to Change for Optimal Health" at the Annual 2016 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference.

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Awareness based technologies for leadership development: utilising Immunity to Change coaching

This article presents a study of the use of Immunity to Change (ITC) coaching in an integrated leadership development programme as an example of awareness based leadership development technology. Constructivist developmental theories of leadership, self-awareness and the use of ITC coaching are reviewed....

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Podcast: Immunity to Change with Lisa Lahey PhD

In this podcast, Margaret Moore, Co-Director of the Institute of Coaching, will introduce you to  Lisa Lahey, PhD. Lahey and Kegan are credited with a breakthrough discovery of a hidden dynamic, the “immunity to change,” which impedes personal and organizational transformation....

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2013 Conference Video: Overcoming the Immunity to Change

In this panel discussion at the 2013 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference, we hear personal experiences and perspectives on the cutting edge "Immunity to Change" coaching model designed to help clients uncover and overcome the hidden mindsets that sabotage their efforts to reach important professional and personal goals.

Powerpoint Slides for Podcast: Immunity to Change

These are the powerpoint slides for podcast: Immunity to Change with Lisa Lahey, PhD, Harvard Graduate School of Education.

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Video Snippet Interview with Bob Kegan on his work on leadership

In this video interview snippet, Robert Kegan, PhD discusses his research and work on leadership. ...

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2009 Video Interviews with Bob Kegan, PhD

During the 2009 Coaching in Medicine & Leadership Conference sponsor by Harvard Medical School, Bob Kegan was interviewed on his work and future directions including his model called the “Immunity to Change."

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