Dr. Amber Qureshi

Photo of Dr. Amber Qureshi

Dr. Amber Qureshi, MBA MSc, MBPsS, FRSPH

REI Council Member & Fellow, Institute of Coaching

Dr Amber Qureshi, (Dr Amber Q) MBA MSc, MBPsS, FRSPH is a specialist in special care dentistry. She is UK qualified and worked at London’s most prestigious hospital before answering to the call of her entrepreneurial nature and desire to make the world a more loving, kind, compassionate, equitable, diverse and inclusive place for all. Her consultancy work has included several public health funded projects. She has co-authored a wordless book with Baroness Hollins, contributed to numerous UK health reports and was featured in an entrepreneurial publication which became an Amazon bestseller. She is the podcast host of Inside Out Smile and has served as a trustee and committee member for leading health charities. Dr Amber Q coaches dentists, professionals and leaders and is passionate about coaching as the ideal vehicle to unite humanity with love.