A series of lunchtime gatherings​, IOC ​r​oundtabl​es provide access to the latest research and evidence-based practices through thought leadership from local and national IOC Fellow​s​.​

The Roundtable ​meetings ​promise:

  • A marketing-free, inclusive, and peer-based learning space for coaches to learn about and practice new coaching concepts and research.
  • A community of coaching professionals to provide peer coaching and support for developing the “growing edge” of our respective capabilities.
  • Ways to apply the resources available through the IOC with real coaching situations through case consultation and group seminars​.​

The format is a series of 2​-​hour ​lunchtime​ events over the course of the year for each city.  Each session includes a topic facilitated by an IOC Fellow, discussion of practice and application with that topic, along with ​case consultation and peer coaching depending on the topic and needs of the group.

IOC Fellows:
Discounted Registration
(Varies by location)
IOC Affiliates:
$50 per session.
($250 for a series of six)
Non-IOC Members:
$50 for first session;
Membership required after 1st session




For additional details on IOC Roundtables, contact