Conference 2019

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The 12th Coaching in Leadership & Healthcare Conference featured keynotes by world leaders in leadership, neuroscience, health and well-being, coaching, behavioral and positive psychology. 

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2019 Conference Videos

David Peterson, PhD, Nathalie Salles-Olivier, PCC, MBA 

Coaching Leads at Google and Facebook

Marc Brackett, PhD

Professor at Yale University and Author

Sarah Lazar, PhD

Expert on Neuroscience of Mindfulness

Om Lala, MD

Executive Director, Institute of Coaching

Jeff Hull, PhD

Director of Education and Business Development, Institute of Coaching

Richard Kogan, MD

Professor of Psychiatry at Weill Cornell Medical Center, Concert Pianist

Erik de Haan

Director of Ashridge's Centre for Coaching

2019 Conference Breakout Sessions

David Peterson, Nathalie Salles-Olivier

Coaching Leads at Google and Facebook

Colin Fisher, PhD

Professor of Organisations and Innovation

Marc Brackett, PhD

Professor at Yale University and Author

Irina Todorova, PhD

Director of Research at Institute of Coaching

Joanna Molyn, Erik de Haan

 Experts in Organisational and Personal Development

Dima Louis, DBA

Researcher and Executive Coach

2019 Expert Interviews

Expert of Science of Emotions

Expert on Diversity & Inclusion Coaching

Expert on Organizational Development 

Expert on Neuroscience of Mindfulness

Expert on Coaching Research

Expert on Developmental Relationships & Behavior Change

Thank you to the creators, the speakers, and attendees for cultivating an environment of learning, inspiration and aspiration! I can’t wait to continue the conversations sparked over the weekend.

Lila Wright IOC Conference Atendee

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Conference Videos

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