Webinar: Cracking the Code: The Power of Coaching in Change Leadership

The Power of Coaching in Change Leadership Webinar Presenters
October 3, 2019 - 2:00pm to 3:30pm

Expanding beyond the terrain of leadership development, a new frontier is opening for coaches within organizations: coaching as an integral part of the change management tool kit. This territory is staked out by a recent body of research from the Human Capital Institute (HCI) and the International Coach Federation (ICF). More studies are underway exploring how coaching and science can enable sustained engagement, foster resilience and leverage champions during major change efforts.  

In this highly interactive webinar, Maria Darby, CEO of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP), and Jan Rybeck, Master Certified Coach and long-time IOC Fellow, come together to explore the exciting growth edge where coaching and change management merge to cultivate leadership resiliency and sustained engagement.  

Discussion will explore:

  • How growing attention on change competency in the global change management community is amplifying the value and role of leadership coaching 
  • The HCI Study’s findings and evidence of the impact and ROI of integrating coaching in organizational change capabilities and initiatives
  • Trends in integrating coaching as core to the change management toolkit – evidenced further by growing collaboration between the two professions
  • Ways coaching can be adapted to support system wide change

Presenter: Maria Darby and Jan Rybeck

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Maria Darby — As the CEO of the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP), Maria drives the ACMP Strategy and serves as the Association’s Chief Ambassador in the ACMP’s mission to advance the discipline and profession of change management globally.  Maria leverages her 30 years in the consulting industry where she served as senior strategist, advisor and program leader across multiple client change management efforts involving organizational mergers and integration; technology transformation; and culture change. Maria led the change management capability at Booz Allen Hamilton, including: serving as executive consultant in change management client engagements; supporting professional development for Booz Allen’s change management practitioners; and conducting outreach and engagement across industry to promote the discipline of change management.  Maria served on the Executive Committee of The Conference Board’s Change and Transformation Council (June 2015 - October 2017) where she contributed to change management thought leadership; industry-wide collaboration on change management best practices and evolution; and how business is addressing the human side of digital transformation. She also co-led the development and implementation the Change Management Advanced Practitioner Program (CMAP), a graduate level course at Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business, for which she was also an instructor.


Jan Rybeck  — Cultivating champions, teams, and talent to meet the demands of complex change is at the core of Jan’s work. As the Mission Enablement Practice Lead with Digital Mobilizations, an enterprise engineering firm, Jan rallies a team of 30 seasoned coaches and consultants to partner with clients in adapting coaching methodologies to drive and support large scale change. A Master Certified Coach, Jan has been coaching since 1995 and a Fellow with the Institute of Coaching (IOC) since 2012. Her webinar, articles, and CoachX video on Vertical Development are available through the IOC. She has led Executive Coaching business lines for several consulting firms, designed and delivered leadership development programs for government, healthcare, and private sector firms, and taught on faculty with Harvard’s Psychology of Leadership Course. As a leader herself within complex, mission focused organizations, Jan gets the boots-on-the-ground realities of applying theory to practice.  Her approach is both aspirational and pragmatic, reaching for what’s possible while building on what works.

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