Literature Review on Health and Wellness Coaching

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Literature Review on Health and Wellness Coaching

Article review by Kelly Davis Martin MPH, Founding Fellow

Article Title: “A Systematic Review of the Literature on Health and Wellness Coaching: Defining a Key Behavioral Intervention in Healthcare”

Authors: Ruth Q. Wolever PhD; Leigh Ann Simmons PhD; Gary A. Sforzo PhD; Diana Dill EdD; Miranda Kaye PhD; Elizabeth M. Bechard BA’ Mary Elaine Southard RN MSN; Mary Kennedy MS; Justine Vosloo PhD; Nancy Yang BA

Global Advances in Health and Medicine. 2013;2(3):83-86. DOI: 10.7453/gahmj.2013.015  For reference only click to review original article.  To purchase article please visit GAHMJ


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