MasterClass: Introduction to Motivational Interviewing (2012) - Part I

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MasterClass: Introduction to Motivational Interviewing (2012) - Part I

Thank you for joining us for our two-part MasterClass series on motivational interviewing featuring his the work of Michael Pantalon. Michael Pantalon, a prominent psychologist and Motivational Interviewing trainer, has developed an ultra-brief approach to motivational interviewing that he calls “Instant Influence” which he presented in a track for the 2011 Coaching in Leadership & Healthcare conference offered by the Institute of Coaching and Harvard Medical School.  

Instant influence is a scientifically proven approach to effecting change in people. What's more, Pantalon asserts that change can be effected in 7 minutes or less. Peruse the resources associated with this MasterClass to learn more about how instant influence and motivational interviewing might help you in your practice.

Watch as Michael Pantalon discusses Instant Influence:

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