Presence in Executive Coaching Conversations -The C2 Model

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Presence in Executive Coaching Conversations -The C2 Model
Publication Date: 
June, 2018
Presence in Executive Coaching Conversations – The C2 Model

Abstract: Presence is considered by the practitioner community to be a key factor in coaching effectiveness and is recognized as an important coaching competence. Yet to date, there has been little formal research into this phenomenon in executive coaching. By adopting a constructivist stance, this qualitative study uses the methodology of conceptual encounter, combined with the novel extension of a focus group to map the structure and nature of presence in this context. Findings generated the “C2 Model,” which highlights the importance of client presence, emphasizes a dynamic nature, and suggests a link to wellbeing and moments of insight. Conditions for presence were also reported and its utility was assessed. Overall, the study concludes that presence is a way of being that is an important factor in effective coaching and relevant to both client and coach.

International Journal of Evidence Based Coaching and Mentoring (S12), pp.4-20. DOI: 10.24384/000533

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