Reflections on leadership, authority, and lessons learned

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Reflections on leadership, authority, and lessons learned
The Leadership Quarterly

Over the course of many years Boas often wrote notes to himself concerning leadership. Like a photographer who captures the moment, Boas documented moments that caused him to reflect broadly and insightfully upon issues related to leadership. He wrote these notes as they occurred to him, whatever the time or place, with great precision and with whatever means that were at hand—whether computer, paper, or bits of paper—and he conscientiously saved all of these notes. It is evident that Boas used some of these notes as outlines for scholarly articles and for lectures, while the rest are testimony to a life's work dedicated to the study of leadership. At their core, Boas's notes capture a scholar and a man thinking deeply about his profession and his life in complete freedom.

The Leadership Quarterly Volume 28, Issue 4, August 2017, Pages 578-583

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