Religious involvement and humility

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Religious involvement and humility

Although researchers are beginning to pay more attention to the virtue of humility there are relatively few studies on the factors that make people more humble. The purpose of this study is to address this issue. A conceptual model is developed that contains the following hypotheses: (1) people who go to church more often will receive more spiritual support from fellow church members (2) individuals who receive more spiritual support at church will develop greater trust in God (3) those who trust God more will enter into a closer relationship with God (4) as people develop a closer relationship with God they will experience a deeper sense of awe of God and (5) individuals who are in awe of God will be more likely to feel more humble. Cross-sectional data from a recent nationwide survey of middle-aged and older adults (N = 1154) provide support for each of these relationships.

The Journal of Positive Psychology , 2014 Vol. 9, No. 3, 254 – 265

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