Vertical Development 3: You Don't Bring Just Your Head to Work...

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Vertical Development 3: You Don't Bring Just Your Head to Work...

Ah, if only you did! A quick read of the Five Dysfunctions of a Team, and you would know how to fix your team’s impasse. Eighteen minutes with Simon Sinek’s TED talk and your team would be on board with the organization’s why statement. Hand out the article on Kotter’s 8 Step Change Model, and you’d be on your way to navigating that impending merger.

The first two articles in this series on Vertical Development illustrated the way that growth hinges on our sense making. Sense making itself, however, is intimately connected with how we feel, relate, carry and care for ourselves physically, connect with the unknown, and are influenced by our cultural, historic, and systemic conditions.

Part of Jan Rybeck's Vertical Development series:
Vertical Development is about expanding and deepening our capacity to see, understand, empathize, and respond in a diversity of situations. As we grow and evolve in this way, our experience of self, others, and the world shifts, leading to new ways of doing and being, that in turn lead to other changes that we cannot always foresee.

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