Catarina Dolsten

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Catarina R. Dolsten, MD, provides coaching and consulting services for professional and personal development at healthcare and science based organizations. She specifically works with doctors, healthcare leaders, hospitals, non-profit organizations and patients/caregivers. 

Dr. Dolsten has duals degrees in Medicine (MD) and Business Administration (BA) from Sweden’s Lund University. She is a treasurer at ICF-NY and a director in several national and international healthcare organizations including Health Builders Rwanda, Pro Mujer New York and The Sackler Institute for Nutrition Science. Dr. Dolsten has a Swedish license in medicine and has lived in the US since 2004.

Dr. Dolsten’s objective is to help client’s navigate the delicate balance between personal and professional life. She offers individualized programs and packages for:
• C-Suite Executives
• Professionals
• Doctors, managers and future leaders
• Professionals/individuals seeking help with stress management, communication and coping skills
• Patients/Caregivers

Her clients learn valuable skills that increase output and prevent burnout. Some of these skills and tools include:
• Strong communication skills
• Leadership abilities 
• Strategic thinking 
• Efficient work processes 
• Emotional intelligence 
• Delegation Skills 
• Team building exercises

Expected outcomes, such as improved communication skills or work-efficiency planning, will be defined at the beginning of each coaching and consulting engagement. Progress will be measured through periodic assessments.

Dr Dolsten provides coaching through and can be reached at