Faten Halabi

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Currently employed as Avaya's Regional Sales Leader, Faten has over twenty years in a plethora of industries across the globe. From commercial to consultancy, Faten's ability to use her vast array of knowledge and skills has always extended the bottom-line, inspired those working with her, and create synergy through coordination and teamwork. Faten's unique approach to customer-led leadership strategy has allowed her to not only to support her clients but ensure satisfaction throughout various stakeholders. Known as a leader who shatters the glass ceiling for women in business within the Middle East and throughout the world, Faten is passionate about empowering Arab women through providing coaching, advisory and mentoring for those individuals striving for the upper corporate echelons. From the World Economic Women Forum to Lestari Sayak Anak Orphanage in Indonesia, Faten's engagement in organisations beyond the business world only amplifies her proclivity to change the world for the better. Faten is a beacon of a leader who not only strives to make the business world an equal opportunistic place but uses her position to uplift women in her path.

Faten is a proud mum of 22 years old young man and 17 years old young lady.