Jeni Davenport

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With over 25 years of experience, a Master’s Degree in Health Science Community Health Promotion, and national board certifications in Health Education and Wellness Coaching, Jeni helps people through life’s tough moments. Her clients obtain enormous benefits from her coach approach style by improving their overall wellbeing and establishing healthier lifestyle behaviors, feeling valued, and receiving a huge positive shift in self-worth and confidence using their natural character strengths and core values. She specifically loves to coach Founders and Business Owners. Being an advisor to many entrepreneurs over the years, a founder herself, and a community leader, she finds the most fulfillment using a hybrid leadership and well-being coach approach style. Her sense of humor and listening presence allows people to relax and share what is their main struggle which supports a quicker solution for improved well-being, stress management, positive relationships at home and work, increased confidence, and overall life fulfillment. Jeni grew up in rural Arkansas on a farm with her mom, sister, and first-generation Polish American grandpa. She studied at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville and completed her thesis in Bolivia. She is a volunteer for the Civil Air Patrol and spends her time leading six units, deploying for emergency service missions, and spearheading a Resilience Program for her state. She also enjoys backpacking and being an anonymous trail angel. She is a former foster mom and a mother of three amazing young people.