Magadlela, Dumisani

Dumisani Magadlela

Dumisani Magadlela

Dumi is a team coach, executive coach, coach trainer, capacity building and leadership skills development practitioner and facilitator. Dumi is an accomplished author, with publications covering topics such as executive coaching, coaching methodologies, professional development, and coaching ethics. He is a recognised international leader in growing coaching globally and is currently serving as the Chairperson of the International Coaching Federation (ICF) Global Board of Directors (2023). Dumi is a regularly featured speaker and panelist on coaching, leadership, and people development. One of his favorite topics is strategies to rehumanise shared spaces.

Dumi has spent 25 years in human development work across multiple sectors and around the world. He cofounded the Ubuntu Coaching Foundation (UCF) at The Coaching Centre (TCC) in South Africa with Dr Paddy Pampallis, where he has been a member of Senior Faculty for over 15 years, delivering a module on “Coaching in the African Context” or on the “African Wisdom in Coaching'' every year. The Ubuntu Coaching Foundation (UCF) is a non-profit coaching organisation meant to promote access to coaching for leaders and community members who would otherwise not be able to afford coaching services. More recently, Dumi has been a part of an international faculty at the Global Team Coaching Institute (GTCI), where he co-designs and co-facilitates team coaching training.

Dumi has been described as a ‘people whisperer’ for his amazing ability to establish genuine connection with his clients and teams. He can easily connect with people across organisational levels, from junior professionals, through middle and senior management, to senior executive and diplomatic levels. His coaching approach incorporates establishing strong rapport upfront with Ubuntu-infused connection practices (seeing the client), values-based engagement and contracting across organisational levels, conscious engagement practices, and establishing each coaching client’s current reality and situations to work on. Dumi works towards rehumanising organisations and any other shared spaces by supporting genuine and authentic human interconnections through coaching.

Dumi recently published a book titled: “Ubuntu Coaching and Connection Practices for Leader-Manager: Selected Practices to grow your team in a fast-changing world” (2023, Johannesburg, Knowledge Resources). He is an ICF Credentialled Coach at PCC level.

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