MasterClass: Coaching the Addicted Brain

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MasterClass: Coaching the Addicted Brain

Food addiction is a hot topic in the mainstream press as well as in scientific literature. Dr. Pamela Peeke is an expert on this topic and has written a powerful book, The Hunger Fix, in order to empower clients, coaches, and physicians to not only better understand this addiction, but to better manage it. Her three M methodology (mind, mouth, and muscle) gives hope to people suffering with food addiction and offers a plan to escape the chains of this perplexing problem. Dr. Peeke has a detox and recovery program that is, in her words, "a game changer." 

In this MasterClass, we offer Dr. Peeke's impressive bio where members can learn about her extensive background in nutrition and lifestyle. For the visual and auditory learners, we offer a link to an educational video on food addiction which is a wonderful overview of the topic. For readers, there is a book recommendation, The Hunger Fix, by Dr. Pamela Peeke, as well as a peer-reviewed research article on food addiction which offers the latest science on this subject. In addition, there is a PowerPoint presentation on coaching tools and tips for food addiction. 

It is our hope that this MasterClass on food addiction will provide coaches with the knowledge and tools to empower clients to manage their current situation and adopt healthy "fixes" for the future. 

Watch as Dr. Pamela Peeke describes what inspired her to begin working with those suffering from food addiction :

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