MasterClass: Executive/Leadership and Organizational Coaching: Building and Managing your Professional Practice

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MasterClass: Executive/Leadership and Organizational Coaching: Building and Managing your Professional Practice

No longer considered a remedial “add-on” to executive development programs, coaching for leaders and executives has become an integral part of the human resource strategy at small and large – from start-ups to Fortune 50 – organizations. The field is growing by leaps and bounds. Today, there are many more ways to become a coach, get certified in coaching, and affiliate with boutique, large, or small coaching companies. Yet, for all the opportunity that exists, building and managing a successful coaching practice is a daunting task – and not for the faint of heart. There are so many options, and, of course, so much more competition, that it is not as simple as “hanging out a signpost” to assure even the most well-connected or experienced, or even credentialed coach, of achieving the dream—a flourishing business.

At the Institute of Coaching, we are dedicated to research and dissemination of the science of coaching best practices, but we are also committed to “professionalizing” the field of coaching. Towards this end, we asked one of our senior advisors and a thirty-year veteran of the field, to craft a MasterClass for our members that would provide knowledge, tools, and research on what matters most in building a successful career—and business—in executive, leadership and organizational coaching. In this MasterClass, you will find an abundance of information dedicated to helping you step back and reflect on what it takes to build a sustainable and successful practice in today’s rapidly growing, and changing field of coaching for leaders and executives, answering questions like:

  • What is your mission and purpose for coaching?
  • What are your specific practice goals?
  • How do you want to build or change your practice?
  • How will you select and acquire the organizational and individual clients with whom you want to work?
  • How can you build or transform the infrastructure and methods of your practice to best serve your clients and meet your goals?
  • How will you manage your practice to maximize your personal fulfillment and the satisfaction of your clients?
  • How will you manage your practice portfolio in the coming years to best meet changing needs and priorities?

This MasterClass is a MUST for any leadership coach who is actively committed to growing and succeeding in today’s exciting landscape of professional coaching!

Materials included are (under Related Resources):

  1. The Bridge to Best Practice – a short synopsis of key foundational principles and practices for building a successful practice
  2. Lew Stern Bio
  3. PowerPoint Presentation – an overview of Executive Coaching: Building and Managing Your Professional Practice
  4. Live footage from Lew’s interview on the latest developments in the field of leadership coaching from the Harvard Medical School Conference on Coaching- 2013
  5. Recommended book by Stern on how to build a successful coaching practice
  6. Additional articles on the latest research into the field of executive and leadership coaching
  7. Deeper Dive – Live footage from Lew’s Presentation at the 2013 Coaching in Leadership and Healthcare Conference


Watch as Lew Stern discusses what makes coaches successful:

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