Webinar - Team Coaching Deep Dive

Webinar: Team Coaching: A Deep Dive

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Webinar: Team Coaching: A Deep Dive
Webinar - Team Coaching Deep Dive

In recent years there’s been a surge of interest in the practice of team coaching. This is true not only for practitioners (as more executive coaches turn their attention to teams, while more team consultants incorporate coaching), but for clients as well. Increasingly, organizations are making direct requests for team coaching. Yet there remains some confusion about what team coaching really is. Practitioners and clients alike struggle to differentiate between this type of work and the related practices of team building, training, facilitation, coaching and consulting. 

This webinar offered a perspective on team coaching that’s been refined over more than 20 years of work with hundreds of teams, in more than 30 countries. Participants walked away with:

  • Clear distinctions between five team development practices, or “modalities,” with the benefits and limitations of each — including the unique contributions of the team coaching modality
  • Understanding of the Corentus Team Coaching Model and its three components: sensing, being, and making moves
  • Simple, yet powerful tools to structure your sensing data and drive effective coaching moves
  • Experience using your sensing and move-making “muscles” through real-time observation and practice
  • Tips for introducing team coaching methods within the context of your existing work

Presenters: Alexander Caillet and Amy Yeager
Host: Jeff Hull

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