Bradley Bilgore

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Helping clients to realise that they need to take care of themselves is pivotal to my coaching style. A team can only work together and be led successfully when members are open, honest, and themselves. This may mean examining fears and anxieties so that the client can establish their true priorities. In my life I have experienced transformational trauma which has required me to work through fears and anxieties. As the result of my healing process I have become aware of myself and able to empathise with others openly.

My 40 year career in Financial Services consummated as a Managing Director for a top tier investment bank. I was responsible for trading desks, managed risk and high performance teams. I also became a leader responsible for managing risk in the execution of very large cross divisional projects involving many people and large budgets.

My life experience coupled with business knowledge and acumen contribute to my coaching style. The combination helps to enable successful outcomes for clients. I am currently enrolled in Meyler Campbell’s ‘Mastered’ course to gain formal qualification as an Executive Coach.

In my free time I enjoy studying Art History, playing Tennis, and Martial Arts. Having grown up in the USA, I have worked in Hong Kong, and am now based in London with my wife, our 2 children and the dog.