Joanna Williams MSc

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My philosophy is that all humans and organizations have the capacity for wellbeing, sustainable performance and flourishing.

As a lifelong learner, I am constantly fascinated by the strides being made in the human flourishing and wellbeing space. Choosing to combine my passion for people and science, Flourish GmbH was founded in Switzerland in 2021. I hold a Master of Science in Applied Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology as well as international coaching accreditations with ICF and EMCC.

Using the latest research and evidence-based methods from Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology, I co-create trusted partnerships to maximise individual and organisational potential, with wellbeing at the core for driving change, achieving goals, and enabling sustainable performance and flourishing. Research-informed design is the foundation for providing hands-on, practical approaches and tools for daily life through coaching, consulting, and training, as well as strengths-based learning & development interventions to build flourishing.​

My MSc empirical quantitative research explored the relationship between employee wellbeing, empathy and turnover intention (i.e. intention to leave or stay with an organisation). I am happy to discuss the significant findings further, particularly in light of the Great Resignation and the War for Talent. Please contact me to find out more. 

As a global professional with over two decades of multicultural & cross-market experience, I was born in Sydney, Australia and began my career as a gemologist. I spent four years in Shanghai, China and have been based in Zurich and Lucerne in Switzerland since 2010. My professional background includes senior leadership and general management positions in three companies. Successes include developing and implementing global HR strategies and business transformations, intercultural management consulting, leading and developing global talent & leadership interventions (e.g. as director for global leadership at Swarovski), change management & employee engagement programs, and building an outstanding track record in education, manufacturing, consumer retail and luxury goods.     

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