Julie Harnik

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One of my favorite things to say - to my clients, to my friends and to myself - is that we can create work to work for us. Because life is just way too short to not do the work you love to do.

Hi, I’m Julie Harnik, and I’m a Logical Leadership Coach. I work with individuals, teams and organizations ready to make the inner and outer shifts necessary to propel themselves forward.

Throughout my career, I had found myself in the midst of many leaps. Be it leaping up the ladder, being promoted to Vice President prior to the age of 30. Be it leaping forward in a 15-year career on the cutting-edge of the media, marketing and tech industries working on first-ever initiatives in digital advertising, on-demand entertainment and content marketing. Or be it leaping within the advertising industry working with brands such as Procter & Gamble, Disney, General Mills, Heineken, the US Olympic Committee, NASCAR, NBC and ABC - I even worked with Kermit the Frog!

I’ve worked with leaders across many industries, including media, tech, marketing, healthcare, manufacturing, education, medicine, finance, the arts, beauty and wellness and at companies like LinkedIn, Tiffany & Co, Sanford Health, RRE Ventures, Sparks+Honey, NYU Stern School of Business and others. I have a passion for helping professionals maximize their potential so that their work (and life!) can be mentally, emotionally and financially fulfilling.