Kevin Berchelmann

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Kevin Berchelmann set out over two decades ago to take the leadership lessons learned from his corporate executive roles and military service to help organizations improve performance through authentic, empathetic leadership. He is an active and successful executive coach, an expert strategist and consultant and in-demand speaker.

A decorated 13-year Air Force veteran, Berchelmann joined the military to see the world but spent his first several years anchored to Texas installations. Only after he decided to “man-up” and take leadership and responsibility seriously did his career take off (no pun intended), with rapid promotion and tours in Spain, Turkey, and Germany. While in Germany, the then-youngest First Sergeant in the USAF decided to leave military service -– new wife and freshly-minted MBA in tow.

Berchelmann began his corporate career managing training, and progressed rapidly through GM and EVP roles in multiple Fortune 1000 and privately held firms stretching across various sectors including professional services, technology, manufacturing and of course, a dot-com startup.

He launched Triangle Performance, LLC in 2003 and never looked back. The firm has twice been recognized on Houston’s Fast 100 fastest growing, privately held companies, and has clients in Healthcare, Energy, Technology, Not-for-profit, and Academic Medicine.

Berchelmann calls his approach Executive Consulting, as it morphs traditional behavioral coaching with relevant consultative advice—based on decades of senior leadership—when necessary. No therapeutic “find yourself” stuff with unicorns and butterflies. This isn’t life coaching; it’s helping leaders succeed, and do so quickly.

Whether a group-based approach for a leadership team, or individual coaching for those leaders looking to become stronger, he works with clients to bring about the transformation and results necessary to compete successfully in today’s dynamic environments. His constant mantra is that Grace and Accountability can coexist.

Berchelmann holds undergraduate degrees in Aerospace and Business Management, a graduate degree in Management, and is a Certified Management Consultant (CMC). He is listed in ACHE’s directory of coaches, former chair of the Houston-Galveston Institute of Management Consultants (IMC), is licensed and certified on multiple assessment platforms and holds lifetime certification as a Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR).