LJ Macko

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LJ “Larry” Macko is the founder, CEO and Senior Strategic Advisor at Navigator Strategic Leadership Solutions.  Navigator SLS is committed to helping leaders and organizations develop the insights required to accomplish professional and organizational goals.  Larry specializes in using executive coaching coupled with extensive strategy and project execution experience to help clients  develop lasting strategic execution and leadership insights.  Larry is a Strategy Management Professional (Association for Strategic Planning), and a Strategy Implementation Professional (Strategy Implementation Institute) focused on helping leaders and the leaders of tomorrow to reach their full leadership potential.  As a critical element of leadership proficiency, Larry integrates training and coaching focused on developing both individual and organizational resilience.  In support of the Navigator SLS resilience focused products, Larry is a certified trainer and provider of the RBLP Resilience Building Leadership Program.  Larry also has a number of professional certifications in Trauma-Resilience and College Student Wellbeing.