Marlene Gonzalez

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Marlene González is the founder and president of Life Coaching Group LLC, focusing on leadership development and executive coaching. She passionately pursues one vision: "To advance, develop and promote minority leaders." She is a renowned executive coach and facilitator.

She is the author of the coaching series Leadership Wizard, "The #1 New Release book in the Education and Leadership category". Her book series specializes in transformational leadership topics. You will find that her books have a straight-to-the-point approach and easy to implement actions.

She is passionate about sharing her insights and resources on transformational leadership through a combination of Insights Discovery, the psychology of C. G. Jung, her corporate career experience, and her professional coaching expertise. She partners with organizations to inspire and transform individuals and teams. She decided to study various psychological techniques and exercises to understand what makes a leader confident, assertive, and emotionally resilient to stress.

Gonzalez is a first-generation Venezuelan American. She has held many executive corporate positions in the US, Europe, and Latin America. She is the former Senior Director of Global Training, Learning, and Development for McDonald's Corporation. Marlene holds a BS, an Executive MBA/PAG, and a graduate diploma in managerial issues in the global enterprise from Thunderbird University.

In her free time, Marlene enjoys cooking, reading, trekking, and exploring the world for new experiences with her husband, Carlos. They reside in Chicago, Illinois.