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You want to be an effective, influential, and respected leader. But that can be easier said than done.  It requires calm, confidence, efficiency, and effectiveness, and most of all, resilience and adaptability.

But more than likely, you are buried under tasks, responsibilities, and the building pressure of your leadership role.  Leading to frustration, overwhelm, and not knowing what to try next or who to ask. You may even feel like you're drowning in uncertainty or an imposter in your career. Eventually, something's going to give - it's either going to be you or the work.

You shouldn't have to sacrifice your mental, emotional and physical well-being because you:

  • Are being forced to juggle SO many different roles
  • Are thrown into tasks and decision-making you feel unprepared for
  • Don't have the tools and resources to navigate this new territory 
  • Yet are still held accountable for company success.

Phillip Brooks works with leaders to become resilient so they can succeed. Giving them the tools and skills to maneuver seen and unforeseen changes and react effectively and efficiently.  For over 50 years, I've helped lead, empower and grow executive leadership teams so that they are calm, confident, and resilient change agents.  Freeing up their energy, expertise, and ingenuity - so they can tune into their higher purpose. Certified in Global Resilience and Inner Transformation Phil uses the SMART (Stress Management And Resilience Training) to help clients understand and implement resilience training within their organizations.  In addition, he was immersed in the family business from childhood and saw the succession of a 130-year-old family business over four generations. Phil is passionate about helping business owners find balanced lives with accomplishment through kindness and understanding so that they can enjoy their business, family, and lives.

Become the agile and resilient leader you and your family deserve. Get started by scheduling your free consultation today so you can close the gap between where you are as a leader and where you want to be.