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Vasundhra Ganju


I am an educator, a coach, and a consultant! My services/solutions are highly customized and tailored to your needs! I specialize in Psychology and Organizational Behavior in my practice and incorporate applied behavioral, cognitive, and mindfulness techniques to help my clients. The applications of my expertise are wide-ranging!




With over 15 years of combined experience in the fields of Psychology and Business, Vasundhra has equipped herself with unique perspectives and techniques for coaching her clients. She has worked in various personal/organizational/industry settings utilizing her applied positive psychology skills. She started her career in academia, teaching undergrad and grad courses and doing research. She went on to work in various roles, utilizing her wide-ranging skills in mental health, leadership coaching, talent management, organizational behavior, and management consulting. She has a keen sense of organizational awareness and knowledge combined with a compassionate understanding of human behavior. This allows her to lead executives to create a larger impact in their lives and organizations. She uses evidence-based resources as the basis of her framework to help her clients/students. Her coaching style is unique to every client, which is set in motion after understanding their personal, professional, or organizational needs. She is a member affiliate of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School. She is currently an MBA and Psychology professor at Endicott’s Van Loan Graduate School in Beverly, MA, and also teaches Psychology at Pine Manor College in Brookline, MA and Montserrat College of Arts, Beverly, MA.


Vasundhra’s philosophy is informed by her interactions with people from all over the world. She uses her global perspective and viewpoint to work with clients from different educational, social, and cultural backgrounds. She is fluent in Hindi, English, Punjabi, and Kashmiri languages.


Vasundhra has also served on the boards of various non-profit organizations and helped shape their people and business strategies. She actively volunteers and has served as a voting member on various boards including Child Rights and You (USA), Alumnae-i Network for Harvard Women, Lynnfield Cultural Council (a part of Massachusetts Cultural council), and Brookline Arts Center.




My services and interests include research, education, leadership development, learning, executive, and mental health coaching. I work with people and organizations to enhance what they already have- potential! I have worked with individuals and groups to unlock and amplify their mind space with the help of signature techniques such as meta-cognition, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, adult learning, and purpose-driven action-oriented tasks.  


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My major coaching and working areas are-


1.Behavior Focus/Modification

2.Self awareness

3.People Management

4.Multi-cultural/ cross cultural coaching

5.Mental Health

6.International leadership


8.Communication/presentation/inter-personal skills

9.Women Leadership

10.Work/life balance or integration

11.Talent Management

12.Career transitions

13.Team Management/Relationships

14.Time Management/ Effectiveness



17.Adult Learning