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Vibhu Nagral: Health Wellness and Lifestyle Medicine Coach, Yoga Therapist, Brain Longevity Specialist


Vibhu Nagral is a health, wellness, and lifestyle medicine coach with over 20+ years of global experience in health education, yoga therapy, and coaching. With a career in both the US and India, spanning private practice, corporate workshops and consulting with doctors/hospital networks, her current focus is brain longevity therapy. Her mission is to help the aging population become sharp again naturally through yoga, mindfulness techniques, and evidence-based holistic health practices. Vibhu believes that aging well is a choice, and works with individuals to preserve their health and wellbeing, to Stay Sharp serving as the inspiration for Choose to Be Well You are welcome to contact her at

Vibhu's "gray matters" offerings include one-on-one coaching and customizable workshops,  and caregivers support groups conducted in-person or online. Clients receive personal guidance combining evidence-based scientific and experiential practice, yoga therapy, mindfulness, and stress management. Particularly among the aging population, she focuses on rehabilitation to restore cognitive function and preserve memories. Along with her varied background in cardiac rehabilitation, diabetes rehabilitation, women’s health issues, stress and depression management, Vibhu is affiliated with the Alzheimer's Association and the Alzheimer's Research and Prevention Foundation (ARPF) for many years. She is a Board member of Sharp Again Naturally  Additionally, her prior background in counseling, business, and HR, contributes to her unique perspective on bridging learning gaps for her clients with specific needs, ranging from the personal to the executive.